6-Lesson Video Course
"Elliott Wave Fast Track
Bennett Tindle from Trading Analysis has been hard at work creating the Elliott Wave Fast Track Course"

If you have been thinking about learning the Wave Principle
but don’t know where to start, look no further. Bennett has spent countless hours studying Elliott Wave,
and more importantly practicing it.

We have the tools and knowledge to help shorten the learning curve and get you counting waves faster. Let's face it, there are many Elliott Wave skeptics out there.

We are here to put an end to that, bringing you our Elliott Wave Fast Track course. We have designed this course for traders of all skill levels. Whether you are a new trader, looking to gain an edge, or a seasoned Elliotician looking for a refresher on the Elliott Wave patterns, rules and guidelines, this course is for you!
Bennett's Story
Bennett has been trading for nearly a decade
Bennett has been trading for nearly a decade and attributes much of his success to the Elliott Wave approach. 

He is a former network engineer out of California who fell in love with the markets at an early age, and is currently the Chief Analyst for TradingAnalysis.com. 

In addition to finance, he is also a private pilot and enjoys the freedom that aviation offers. This is exactly why he has earned the nickname the eWavePilot!

What You Get with 
"Elliott Wave Fast Track"
Simply put, you get everything you need to count Elliott Waves like the pros. 

You can be a novice, or an experienced trader – this course will get you started and help you elevate your game.

If you are looking to learn the Wave Principle, look no further!

Content Overview
This course consists of 6 video lessons, hand-crafted to deliver you the most optimal learning experience possible. 

Lesson by lesson, he teaches you everything from the basics of Elliott Wave to applying higher-degree counts in the US market indices. 

Lessons Include...

Introduction To Elliott Wave
Core Patterns
Motive Waves
Corrective Waves
Tips & Tricks

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"Elliott Wave Fast Track"
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