Benntt Tindle Comprehensive, 2-Part Course
"Elliott Wave Fast Track
Bennett Tindle from TradingAnalysis has been hard at work...
To created the Elliott Wave Fast Track. 

His goal is to teach you how to spot winning trades using Elliott Wave. Empowering you to gain confidence in your trading.

Bennett has spent countless hours studying Elliott Wave, and more importantly practicing it. He has the tools and knowledge to help shorten the learning curve and get you counting waves faster. 

No only are we going show you the theory Bennett Tindle will be showing you in real time live trades. Applying Elliott Wave to Small Time Frames and Large Time Frames.
Bennett's Story
Bennett has been trading for 10+ years with Elliott Wave.
Bennett's is a 10-year trading veteran of trading with his first account on ETrade, Bennett credits his market success to Elliott wave analysis.

Here’s how you know Bennett is the real deal: 

Bennett’s Record since joining trading analysis has been tracked. Everyday he's put under the test to spot the right strategy, puts on a trade and tells you what he's doing and why – live, in front of the camera, as you watch. Yes, he is that confident in his trading method.

This course is your chance to learn Bennett's “trade secrets” – Applying Elliott Wave to both big and small time frames. 

What You Get with 
"Elliott Wave Fast Track"
Simply put, you get everything you need to Elliott Wave like the pros.

You can be a newbie, or an experienced trader – this course will get you started and help you elevate your game.

For an easy, step-by-step learning experience, Bennett offer the course in two parts.

Part 1: Basics + Advanced Concepts
Part 1 of the course consists of 6 deep video lessons.

Lesson by lesson, he teaches you everything from the basics of Elliott Wave to applying huge counts to the main index and stocks. Teaching you how he's able to break down into such small time frames. 

Then, shows you how Elliott wave analysis simplifies your job as a trader.

In fact, the 5 of the lessons Benntt applies the concepts you’ve just learned to real-time markets like SPX – in live, recorded trades.

You can watch the 6 lessons in Part 1 on-demand, on your time. You have “forever” access – learn today, refresh tomorrow… or next year.

Part 2: Putting It All Together in Live Trading Using Course Material
Part 2 of Bennett's comprehensive course is where the rubber really meets the road.

In mid-July (watch your inbox for exact dates), Bennett Tindle will move to live demonstrations:  In 2 live trading sessions using course material.

In these Two sessions, each lasting ~90 minutes and open to your questions, Bennett will look at live markets and apply what you’ve learned.

You’ll watch Bennett identify and execute live trades with real capital, fully explaining the process – in his usual, transparent style.

You’ll have “forever” on-demand access to live recordings of Todd’s upcoming trades.

And, there is one more thing....

Instant Bonus From
To help you learn even faster, Todd is throwing in 1 free month of his signature subscription-level service, Trading Analysis Premier.

For a full month, you’ll have access to his live trading recommendations + live videos where he IDs the right strategy, puts on a trade and tells you what he's doing and why – live, on camera, as you watch – and continue to learn.

It’s a $177 value, yours free.
"Elliott Wave Fast Track"
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Course Length: 6 Hours
Expected Completion Time: 1 Month
Tuition: $299

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